I'm an Alaskan living on Ohio. I crochet cozy little goodies for my Etsy Shop.

This is a collection of things that I make, inspiration, and things that make me smile.


It may be spring, but it’s still snowing in Alaska!
Take advantage of my Spring Sale!
30% off select items.

It may be spring, but it’s still snowing in Alaska!

Take advantage of my Spring Sale!

30% off select items.

Its a little late… but I connected with a few crochet challengers. I love that they all do something with fuzzy little friends on sunny days!


1. I think my favorite crochet hook is the I/9 hook (5.50 mm.)  I tend to crochet tightly, so I always use a hook that is one or two sizes bigger than what the pattern calls for.  It usually ends up being the I hook!

2. I search Ravelry - there are so many awesome patterns on there that I want to try that it makes me excited to start crocheting again.

3. I LOVE feeding the ducks at a pond close to where I live!  It sounds kind of cheesy but sometimes I’ll take a book or a friend with me and we’ll sit there and feed the ducks/hang out.  The ducks aren’t scared of people, so when they’re done eating they’ll just kind of sit there around you!

Lydia ProfessionalBotherer

Yay! 1) I have some pretty plain aluminum hooks, but I’d have to say that my I hook is probably my most used.  So I guess that’s my favorite? 2) I just start another completely different project.  Usually something crazy.  3) I love to take my dog to the park and let her run around.


1. My favorite crochet hook is a Boye H/8 5.0mm. I end up doing most of my projects with this hook, so I guess I use it all of the time.

2. Usually if I’m not feeling like crocheting or find myself stuck I try to look up crochet videos. Most times I’ll just pick up a book. (I’m usually reading more than one at a time).

3. My favorite thing to do on a sunny day is to go out, usually with my SLR and the mutt (aka my dog lol). I love photography and I live in a nice woodsy area so there’s always an abundance of phot subjects.

Hmmm… I dont usually have ‘failed’ projects. If its going the wrong way, I’ll rip it out and fix it until its right or go a different direction.

BUT… the very first hat I made was in spring 2010 and it was awful. While making it, I was so excited I didn’t even realize how bad it was. My lovely friends and family were very sweet and supportive and only told little white lies about it. (thank goodness for them)

Here’s a picture of it in progress. I still have it somewhere… Its a little reminder of the beginning.